It turns out that our names are important.

What we call ourselves and our things matters. We’ve been busy around here providing inspirational, uplifting lovelies to your favorite gift shops, yoga

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studios and boutiques. Everything is going great, except we keep getting one question: “What the heck is a “Shema Cuff”?


When I explain that the idea for these bracelets came from a passage in the book of Deuteronomy called the Shema, a cornerstone of Jewish and Christian faiths, the listener is usually polite, mildly interested even…but then says “I think you need a new name for these bracelets”.

And finally, I agree. If we want folks to quickly understand our bright, bold fabric cuff bracelets – with their hand-stamped mantra on the front and inspirational passage on the interior; if we want them to realize how these pretty little bands can increase presence and increase gratitude and increase happiness; then I guess we have to call them something a little less…cryptic.


From now on, we’ll be calling our inspirational fabric cuff bracelets Blessing Bands©.

We also made a few other changes you’ve been asking for: all Blessing Bands now come with 2 adjustable snaps for a better fit and we are now offering Custom Blessing Bands and Custom Blessing Bands for Kids right from our site.

This name change doesn’t change our meticulously hand-crafted product. It doesn’t change our fun, notice-me colors and grace-filled mantras and interior passages. It just means we’ll refer to them from now on as Blessing Bands and I hope they’ll be just that: a blessing to you and to those to whom you choose to gift them.

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To celebrate our new name, our new retailers, and all of the exciting things to come in the next few months, we’re offering 20% off all Blessing Bands when you enter the code BBAND01 at checkout.

Love and light and bucketfuls of blessings,