Happy New Year, friends! I love a new year like I love a brand new notebook. It’s a clean, fresh slice of time brimming with possiblility and unknown adventures.


I also love a new year’s resolution (pause for grumbling). Really, I do! Taking stock of our lives and paying attention to how we want to be fuller, better, more whole-hearted people is a wonderful practice.


This new year, we are introducing “wrist resolutions” at Mindfully Made Studios. These bright, beautiful cuff bracelets act as a call to action in 2014.

No, they will not remind you to lose weight or to stop spending or to call your mom. We hope our new cuff bracelets will help you to remember to live your best life and to stay present to the wonder all around you…which is all we are really called to do anyway, right?


In the way that our Shema Cuffs are designed as a wearable mantra, these Wrist Resolutions are created to be a constant wake-up call to bring light, create peace, seek joy, find balance and spread more love in 2014. We’re so excited about them, we’re offering 20% off on all orders through January 14th! Just use the code NEWYEAR.


I wish you skies full of blessings in this wild, wonderful new year. I wish you buckets of hope and deep, lasting peace. I can’t WAIT to see where this next turn around the sun takes all of us. I just know it will be great…


Much love in 2014 and always,