We had a snow day here in Central PA…an extra day to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I wasn’t thrilled this morning as I scrambled to change plans, make arrangements and adjust to the fact that we would all be Home. Together. All. Day.

BUT – today was such a gift…like every day is a gift.

I’m glad I was awake enough to notice that today…maybe it was the surprise of a day off of school, or the first snow of the year, or, most likely, that I know we probably don’t have many more days like this: where everyone is content just to be together at home. Whatever it was…it was special.


We played in the snow…


and drank hot chocolate…


and filled a few of your cuff orders…


and played more…


and drank more…


and felt uncomfortable when the dog stared at us for too long…


and in the end, we had a simple, beautiful day together.

And I finished up a

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bunch of your orders to boot!

I love it when the world makes you pause and take a deep breath every once in a while. I needed it today.

Stay warm – inside and out…