It’s been cold around here. Really, really cold. With these icy temperatures comes almost daily school delays, sniffy noses, mismatched mittens and cabin fever. Serious cabin fever.

We’ve all been a little less patient and a little more grumpy. Sadly, I believe this is mostly because we’ve been spending SOOOO much “quality time” together!


So this week I remembered the important things: contemplative prayer, exercise (more on that next week!), healthy eating and a renewed focus on COMPASSION in our cozy house.

Quilted Wall Art

We’ve had this passage on our wall for years, but I’ve been reading it and pointing to it out to the four little Franks more often.


All in all, I think this extended break from our normal routine has been a gift for our crew. This time together teaches us patience, reminds us how lucky we are to be warm and safe during these frigid weeks, and forces us to play more board games than we ever thought humanly possible.


And we are trying to treasure it…but I had to make this wall-hanging. I made it as a reminder that the sun will shine again and July will come and there will be watermelon and swimming and barefoot adventures – even if they seem far away right now.

Quilted Wall Art

I guess that’s the best lesson of all, right? Whatever we’re going through, it will pass. The sun will shine on us

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again. The trick is to also enjoy the waiting.

Good luck with whatever you’re waiting for, friends. Have a great weekend,