We are sending extra-bright holiday light and love to many, many friends this month. Here is an abbreviated run-down…prayers for all of these brave, beautiful sisters. I can’t imagine what they are going through, but I know that if we truly hold them in our thoughts, their load might just be a little lighter this season. We sent Shema Cuffs to:

– Five gracious young women who are suddenly caring for their matriarch- their rock – as she relies on hospice care in her last days at home.

– A young, suddenly-widowed mother.

– A single mom and her sweet, fiery 5-year-old, who was just diagnosed with leukemia.

– Another mother of two, caring for her husband in his last days battling cancer.

Thanks to all of you for your Shema Cuff and Kid Cuff orders…they have been such fun to create! It makes me happy-beyond-measure to think of all of those thought-provoking, inspiring messages out there in the world.

We are taking a break from production for a few weeks to enjoy Christmas with our families, but will be blogging and coming up wth all sorts of new and exciting ideas for the new year!

Blessings this season and always,