I just love a giveaway, don’t you? It’s even more fun to organize one – with a friend!


Jen at Endlessly Inspired has been a good friend for years. And for years, she’s been teaching me to have FUN, to lighten up, to get out of my head and into my painting pants, and to just kick back

at a tailgate once in a while for goodness sake.


Here we are – having fun. It was probably Jen’s idea…

Her blog offers super-cute printables, easy-enough-for-me DIY tutorials, fabulous-yet-practical recipes, and (my favorite) lots of great ideas for having FUN with your kids. Her motto (to paraphrase) is: just try it – it’ll be great! And, you know what? It usually is!


My favorite Endlessly Inspired project!

This week, we are offering a $50 Mindfully Made Studios Giveaway over at Endlessly Inspired. Just check out this post for details…I’m really excited about it!

As we all start gearing up for the holidays, Jen’s blog is a terrific resource for style, entertaining and gift ideas. So, head over here, enter the giveaway, and start having FUN with Endlessly Inspired!

Love and light,